Knees to chin

Rice paper rolls & sidewalk fOOd

Satay Tofu

Pickled carrots, green apple, lemon leaves, sesame seeds, satay sauce
+ Soja sesame sauce
5.6 €

Green Asparagus

Pickled daikon, pear, mustard leaves, fresh mint, sesame seeds, miso mayonnaise
+ Soja sesame sauce
5.6 €
Scampi spring roll


Pineapple, green apple, fresh lemongrass leaves, fried onions, curry mayonnaise
+ Lemongrass sauce
5.9 €
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Seasonal Specials


Minced pork noodles

Udon noodles topped with spicy minced pork, peanut and chili oil sauce, fresh cucumbers, spring onions, fresh coriander
13.9 €

Fresh Udon Salad

Cold udon noodles, iceberg, pickled raddish, cucumbers, fresh coriander, spring onions, satay sauce
13.3 €

Pork Belly Banh Mi

A brioche baguette filled with pork belly, pickled carrots, iceberg, fresh mint & coriander, fried onions, yuzu mayonnaise, sriracha sauce
9.1 €
Chicken satay bowl

Chicken Satay Bowl

A bowl of rice topped with satay chicken, fresh cucumbers, pickled onions, pickled carrots, fresh mint, fried onions, crushed peanuts, satay sauce
13.9 €

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